Hessameddin Akhlaghpour

People call me Hessam.

I am currently a postdoc in the Maimon lab at Rockefeller University. You can find the most recent version of my resume through this link.

I sometimes write things I am excited about on my blog: Life Is Computation.

You can contact me at hessam@rockefeller.edu. You can also find me on Twitter.

If you speak/read Farsi, you can check out our online scavenger hunt that I founded: www.PersianPuzzles.com.

Name pronunciation:

First name: "he" in "helmet" + "sum" exactly like "some" not "sawm" (does not rhyme with "calm")

Last name: "ac" in "active + "log" in "catalog" + "pour" rhymes with "tour" (does not rhyme with "door")

If you want to hear a summary of my RNA-based theory of computation (published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology) you can listen to this talk I gave at UCLA in June 2023.